We intend for BRIGHT IDEAS to be the best designed, sharpest, and smartest print film magazine in circulation. Appearing only twice a year—in January and June—exclusively at top-tier North American film festivals and the Ace Hotel Downtown LA, BRIGHT IDEAS is dedicated to the young geniuses and the old troublemakers of independent cinema.

Every story we publish must, ideally, be an end in and of itself—one that may provide an experience that whets the reader’s appetite; but which also satisfies her on its own merit. That’s why we don’t care about news. Instead, we create synthesis. If we’ve done our job, every story takes the subject it interfaces with and invents a successive work—maybe even one of art. After reading BRIGHT IDEAS, you should want to make a movie, not just watch one.

Emily Best

James Kaelan

Creative Director
Blessing Yen

LA Photographer
Evan Lane

Contributing Editors
Laura Goode
Rebecca Ruiz
Christopher Robinson
David Corbett
Valentina I. Valentini
Aaron Hillis
Ben Umstead
Steve Dollar

BRIGHT IDEAS is a semi-annual print publication available only at a select group of top-tier North American film festivals. The Winter/Spring issue premieres each year jointly at the Sundance and Slamdance Film Festivals, and is subsequently available at the True/False, SXSW, San Francisco International, and Tribeca film festivals. The Summer/Fall issue premieres at the Los Angeles Film Festival before traveling to the Camden, Toronto International, Austin, and AFI film festivals.

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  1. by Daniel Ribar on June 17, 2014  4:53 am Reply

    I am extremely interested in contributing photographically to Bright Ideas.