Author archives: Aaron Hillis

  • Still Under Investigation

  • Between years of hindsight in the wake of the Patriot Act and the media frenzy that followed Edward Snowden’s whistleblowing, we’re collectively and more frequently questioning the boundaries between homeland security and a surveillance state that violates our civil liberties. We even know the FBI recruited thousands of informants to monitor our own Muslim communities in the post-9/11 landscape. But who gets to be the watchmen? And who’s watching them? In the potent and illuminating documenta[...]
  • The White Witch's Rabid Wolverines

  • Let’s say you’re mingling at a party, and you’re introduced to a smiling stranger who asks that dreaded, anxiety-forming icebreaker: “So, what do you do?” If you’re 33-year-old Josephine Decker—whose ethereal, confident beauty and upbeat, welcoming demeanor make her approachable enough to ask such a stupidly rote question—you might say, “An artist.” Sure, but what’s your deal? Are you a visual artist, a performer, a musician, a filmmaker, or what? In her unique case, it’s yes to all those roles—[...]
  • The Psychomagician of Tocopilla

  • Still as mystical and playful as he was when his transgressive 1970 acid western El Topo shocked the midnight movie craze into existence, Chilean-born filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky could be confused for the refined, white-bearded gentleman in those “Most Interesting Man in the World” beer ads. He has studied mime with Marcel Marceau, co-founded an absurdist collective in response to Surrealism growing soft and conservative, become a world-renowned Tarot scholar and practicing inventor of “psych[...]
  • Cary Fukunaga

  • In just the pilot of HBO’s richly nuanced, eight-episode anthology True Detective, two Louisiana State Police gumshoes—the boyish, deceptively vanilla Martin Hart (Woody Harrelson) and his cagily antisocial partner Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey)—evaluate the marshy, 1995 crime scene left behind by a ritualistic killer, obsessively hunt clues while their interpersonal tensions build in 2002, and prove their moral codes are elastic when recalling the investigation in 2012. There are no tidy answ[...]