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  • Choose Your Own Virtual Reality

  • Under the shade of white United Nations plastic, you sit on a rug, talking with a 12-year old girl—one of 84,000 Syrian refugees in the Za’atari camp in Jordan. This tent is her home, and she has invited you inside. As she speaks to you, you notice the pillows on the floor, the small TV in the corner; as her family cooks dinner, you glance at the reverse UN logo on the wall of the tent; as you sit with her in her classroom, as you watch her older brothers play video games—they crane their heads [...]
  • The Neurocryptographers of Kyoto

  • It may be the case that I am writing this essay in a dream and that you will never read it, or that you are reading, in a dream, an essay I will never write, or perhaps the both of us, reader and writer, are the dreamed creations of the essay, itself the dreamer. The metaphysical circumstances are as crucial as they are unknowable—a fact that would infuriate the reductive physicalists of the early 21st century who held that things inherently beyond our knowing cannot have consequences in our rea[...]
  • You Are Your Work, and Your Work Needs to Fuck Shit Up

  • In his essay for the first issue of BRIGHT IDEAS, the novelist, poet, heir to Adolpho Bioy-Casares, and scholar of hip-hop—Christopher Robinson—presented three axioms pertaining to the hybridization of marketing and art. If independent film is to thrive as pillar of contemporary culture, he argues, filmmakers must learn from Biggie, Tupac, and A$AP Mob. In short: You are your work, and your work needs to fuck shit up. Axiom 1: Reaching a broader audience is a good thing. Yes, many things aim[...]
  • Out for the Gusto

  • In the world of hip-hop, the most talented lyricists are, arguably, the most successful. Think Jay-Z, Eminem (“who’s the king of these rude, ludicrous, lucrative lyrics”). More recently, Kendrick Lamar and A$AP Rocky. These are artists of virtuosic talent for rhythm, rhyme, meter, imagery, even pathos—the building blocks of poetry—but they are also masterful self-promoters with carefully crafted personas who’ve managed to conflate art with publicity. And every step of the way they’ve been pushin[...]