Author archives: Valentina I. Valentini

  • The Handmaiden of the Lord

  • Standing on the parched slopes of Strawberry Peak, dressed in a long-sleeved, blue leotard, Celia Rowlson-Hall stares at her bare feet. The 31-year-old director of the wordless, surrealist, and eminently entertaining MA— which premiered at the Venice Film Festival last September—is trying to express how it feels to have finished her first feature film. The dirt around her, covered in a pale, fur-like moss that emerged in the Angeles National Forest during California’s four-year drought, is as so[...]
  • Trouble in Port Arthur

  • On October 25, 2013, Kat Candler—the writer-director of the new Texas-shot feature, Hellion, starring Aaron Paul—was staring at a monitor in Austin. She and her editor, Alan Canant, were trying to get a coherent cut of the film assembled. On-location rehearsals had begun in spring, the film shot through late summer, and now in early fall, after receiving special permission to submit late, they were trying to get a draft in the mail to the Sundance Film Festival. Because they couldn’t afford t[...]