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Introducing BRIGHT IDEAS Pictures.

When the Seed&Spark team launched BRIGHT IDEAS Magazine in January 2014, our goal was to cover the most innovative filmmakers working, write awesome profiles of them, and pair that journalism with the best photography. Little did we know, though, that BRIGHT IDEAS was something much bigger.

If Seed&Spark is the great leveler of independent film, giving content creators the power to build their careers without asking permission, BRIGHT IDEAS is the experimental laboratory hell bent on fostering innovation and excellence.

That's why as we enter 2016, we’re thrilled to announce the next logical step in our evolution as Seed&Spark’s incubator for innovation in independent film: BRIGHT IDEAS Pictures.

As the theatrical and digital distribution arm of our company, BRIGHT IDEAS Pictures will release up to four films per year, beginning with Natalie Johns’ documentary, I Am Thalente: the Audience Award-winner from the 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival. One of the most successful campaigns to ever crowdfund on Seed&Spark, even more importantly, Thalente is a harrowing, and ultimately uplifting, film about the ascent of a homeless skateboarder from the streets of Cape Town to the lights of Los Angeles.

Our goal is to help bring crowdfunded films made in accordance with our values of diversity, gender parity, and narrative innovation to the audiences hungry to see them. And we’re going to be as transparent as we possibly can about what we learn from this process. Because ultimately, the goal of Seed&Spark and BRIGHT IDEAS isn’t to establish a new hierarchical system where we choose what succeeds. Our goal is to experiment, study our successes and failures, and pass that information on to our community. True independence isn’t about reconsolidating power and influence. It’s about keeping the power in the hands of the creators themselves.

If our integrity should remain above suspicion, you the filmmakers and audiences powering this new generation of storytelling, must keep us honest, and demand of us an insoluble sincerity and transparency.

We’re taking this shit seriously, and we know you are, too.

The First Release

I Am Thalente

I Am Thalente

A homeless kid from South Africa attracts international attention with his effortless style on a board and is invited to travel to the US to skate with the pros. What does it really take to rise up out of your circumstances and make your place in the world?

Directed by Natalie Johns. Starring Thalente Biyela, Kenny Anderson, Tony Hawk.
Releases April 8, 2016. Trailer and poster coming soon!

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