I Am Thalente

Our first film is coming to theatres!

The first time Thalente Biyela skated with Tony Hawk, he was 12 years old and homeless, sleeping beneath the concrete overhang of the Durban skatepark where he spent his waking hours. The second time they rode together, eight years later, they were 8,000 miles west, at Hawk’s skateboarding Mecca in Southern California.

In BRIGHT IDEAS Picture’s first feature film release, I Am Thalente, Natalie Johns chronicles Thalente’s harrowing journey—from the streets South Africa, to the lights of Los Angeles. And you can help us bring his story to the world!

Watch I Am Thalente in Theatres


What’s the next part of the Thalente journey? Getting it in your eyeballs! The great news is that YOU have the power to bring it to your town using Tugg. Tugg screenings are fan-fueled, which means the more seats you fill, the more likely the screening with happen. Request or host a screening here, and spread the word!